GTA IV Cheats!

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GTA IV Cheats!

Post  Daragh017 on Fri Sep 26, 2008 11:33 am

GTA Glitches
We've compiled all the Best GTA Glitches for you to use, if you click on the link you may remember seeing earlier in this sentence.

Submitted By: GamesRadar

Ice Cream Truck Unlockable Cheat
Steal a Mr. Tasty Ice Cream truck and listen to the music. One of the songs is called the GTA Theme. If you call ZIT, the song identifying number, while it's playing it will unlock a cheat in your phone that restores your health and armor.

Submitted By: Dan Green

Expert Racing Tips
Figure out how to survive and come in first in online racing games with ourMultiplayer Racing Guide.

Submitted By: GamesRadar

GTA Walkthoughs
GTA Regular Walkthrough

To link to our GTA IV Walkthrough with pictures and nice, sexy formatting, click here, or click on the FAQs tab at the top of the page to find a printable version of the same guide.

GTA Spoiler Free Walkthrough
For a nice looking guide that won't give away any plot points, click here.

Submitted By: GamesRadar

Shoot All 200 Pidgeons
Find and explode every one of the flying rats with our Pigeons Guide.

Submitted By: GamesRadar

Guide to the Easter Eggs (So Far)
Quit wandering around like a tourist. Use our Easter Egg Guide to find all the best sights and hidden jokes.

Submitted By: GamesRadar

Video Guide to Unique Stunt Jumps
Like the guide says, this is a Video Guide to All The Unique Stunt Jumps. It's very important that you read it.

Submitted By: GamesRadar

City Maps
All The Maps (Remember to click the Supersize button in the top-right corner of each screen for a clearer view).

Friend Activities

Health Packs

Hidden Armor

Hidden Weapons

Flying Rats (Pigeons) Number 1

Random Pedestrians

Stunt Jumps

Text Message Cars

Submitted By: GamesRadar

Fix You Car
If your car is smashed or just ruined just type the health cheat when you are in your car. It will repair your car to full health.

Submitted By: Sparrowman

GTA IV Cheats
Press up to bring your cellphone up, then press up again. Be careful when using these cheats, as some of them will disable certain achievements. If they do, you'll be notified when you activate them, so don't save your game.

Health And Weapons Call: GTA-555-0100

Weapons Call: GUN-555-0150

Advanced Weapons: Call GUN-555-0100

Health Call: DOC-555-0100

Wanted Level Down Call: COP-555-0100

Wanted Level Up Call: COP-555-0150

Climate Change Call: HOT-555-0100

Spawn Cognoscenti (Mafia Car) Call: CAR-555-0142

Spawn Sanchez (Dirt Bike) Call: MBK-555-0150

Spawn FBI Buffalo Call: CAR-555-0100

Spawn Turismo Call: CAR-555-0147

Spawn NRG900 Call: MBK-555-0100

Spawn Comet Call: CAR-555-0175

Spawn SuperGT Call: CAR-555-0168

Spawn Police Chopper Call: FLY-555-0100

Spawn Jetmax (Boat) Call: WET-555-0100

Submitted By: Lt Rowling

Phone Directory
Zit Song Identifier - 948 555-0100
If you hear a cool song on the radio, dial this number to get a message with the name of the artist and song.

Emergency Services - 911
Dial this number and you'll be able to summon police, fire department or an ambulance with your phone.

Submitted By: Realusion, Radar

Game Cheats Page
You can view a map of all cheats and unlockables in the game by going to this in-game website:

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