Here's The RULES!

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Here's The RULES!

Post  Daragh017 on Fri Sep 26, 2008 11:28 am

Okay, here's the things you can't do:
Don't talk about Hacking. Don't ask about it, don't bring it up, nothing like that at all, you will be banned.
Don't discuss how/where to pirate things, and don't post any type of media from something pirated. You will be banned.
Don't advertise. Unless you're paying for one of those banners you don't get to sell your product here. You will be banned. And mocked. And lose customers.
Don't post links to shock sites. You know what I'm talking about. You will be banned. Hardcore Pornography falls under this as well.
Do not Spam. This is not AIM. You will be banned. Also, do not continually post the same thing in all forums. You will likely be banned.
Keep the flames in the flame bin. If it gets out of hand, you will be banned. Let's not be cunts here, alright?
Don't insult the mods. Really. Do you spit on cops? We're more likely to be unforgiving if you're being dicks. You want us to like you. And we're not Nazis, we're just trying to do a job.
Don't attach copyrighted material onto the forums, and don't link directly to anything of the nature, either. Especially from PCGamer.
Don't post e-mail forwards as legitimate threads. They aren't. This counts as Spam. I will kill you.

Here's the things you should do:
Use good topic names. Try to describe what you are talking about. OMG CHECK THIS OUT!! is not a good topic name. The Show-us-your-pic thread is a good name. We might delete your shit if it has a bad name.
Post in the proper forum. We will move and we will be pissed.
Enjoy yourselves, this is meant to be fun, we're trying to have a few rules as possible.

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